Transport from airport to Peguera

Peguera is located in the west area of Mallorca, at the municipality of Calvià, only a 24 minutes drive from Palma de Mallorca Airport.  Here you will find different options of Transport from airport to Peguera.


You have different options to arrive from the airport to Peguera, by bus, by car, by taxi, by shuttle.

By bus: From Mallorca Airport ( Son Sant Joan) to Peguera there are 30 km distance . Bus number 1 goes from the Airport to the center of Palma de Mallorca (20’, price 3 €). Bus 102 or 104, goes from Palma to Peguera (20’, 3,75 €). more info

By car: You can rent a car in the airport. The distance from the airport to Peguera by car is 24 minutes. (You have to take the highway Ma-1 and after Ma-20).
By Taxi: The price is between 40 € and 46 € (nights and holliday bank).
By Shuttles: Some companies offers this service from the airport to all the island destination.


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mapa transporte bike


A review of airlines terms and conditions in relation to sports equipment baggage indicates that it is highly likely that you will be subjected to a standard charge for taking your bike on board. Easyjet; bmibaby; Aer Lingus; and KLM indicated that there was an average additional charge of between £15 (€22.50) and £25 (€36) to take your bike, one-way.
However, make sure that the combined weight of your luggage does not exceed you allowance. Although you may have paid an excess for your bike its weight may be added to the weight of your hold luggage and there can be a penalty for any kg’s over the allowance.
The more conventional airlines such as British Airways and its code share partner Swiss airlines permit free transport of bikes providing they fit within the free baggage allowance, and are packed in a hard shelled container.
Packing your bike for a flight
There are a few options available in transporting your bike. Hard bike boxes tend to cost in the region of £300 and like a hard case suitcase it will minimise the risk of damage occurring to the your bike but they are heavier. A soft bike bag is the cheaper option, costing around £100. Whilst this will provide your bike with a little more padded protection it is not as reliable as the hard box. On our recent trip from the UK to Geneva, we transported our bike in its original cardboard box, protected the key areas with bubble wrap and cardboard and it arrived safely and undamaged. Most airlines stipulate the following:
Bikes should be contained within a protective box or appropriate bike bag; Only one bike should be carried per box/bag, and no other items (except protective padding) should be included within the box/bag; Handlebars and pedals must be fixed sideways against the frame or removed; and Tyres should be deflated slightly to reduce the risk of damage.
If you are transporting your bike, you should also check out your travel insurance arrangements. A lot of travel insurance companies will not cover your expensive mountain bike without an additional excess payment, and a lot of airlines will not be held responsible for any damage sustained whilst the bike is in their care. Check out your household insurance policy to see whether it can be covered as ‘contents away from home’. There may be a slight surcharge for this option, but it’s potentially better than having to fork out for a new bit of kit, or a brand new bike!!
Top Tip
In addition to bubble wrap, purchase some pipe lagging and zip ties from a DIY store to put around the frame of the bike for protection during transportation.
In addition, if you don’t have your original cardboard bike box, ask your local bike shop for one. If you have the choice always use the manufacturer’s box and your bike should arrive safe and whole. However, it is worth noting that the most frequently damaged part of a bike is the rear gear hanger. Remove the rear gear mechanism and tie wrap loosely to the frame to avoid this scenario. This applies almost equally to disc brake rotors if your bike sports them. Take them off, likewise pedals, its only a five minute job and will prevent you engaging in a fruitless search for an obscure part in resort.
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