Hotels in Peguera


Discover our great range of hotels, in Peguera – Cala Fornells you will find a wide variety of hotels adapted to the needs depending on the category of each hotel. Guaranteeing a unique and incomparable experience

More than 30 accommodation options from 0 to 5 km of the race key places, for example the transition area, finish line, etc.

 5 official hotels

Hesperia Villamil ★★★★ Don Antonio★★★★ Novo Mar ★★★
Morlans Garden ★★★ Paguera Treff ★★★


Other accommodation options in Peguera

Sutimar ★★★ Paguera Beach ★★★★ Gaya ★★★ La Concha Park ★★
Diamante ★★ Paguera Park ★★★★ Madrigal ★★★★ S’Olivera ★★★★
Aptos. Aldea Cala Fornells 2 Aptos. Petit Blau Valentin Paguera ★★★ Valentin Park Club Hotel ★★★
Coronado SPA ★★★★ El Cupido ★★★ Valentin Reina Paguera ★★★ Palmira Beach ★★★★
Tora ★★★ Palmira Cormoran ★★★★ Cala Fornells ★★★★ Palmira Paradise ★★★★