There will be no CHALLENGE-PEGUERA MALLORCA 2020 “Due to responsibility and quality standards” 

  • The current worldwide situation does not permit the race to be organised in compliance with the quality standards that have been offered so far.
  • It is a responsible decision, thinking about the people who are part of the race and the environment in which it is held.
  • Calvia continues to offer an appropriate and safe setting for training camps.

The organisation of CHALLENGE-PEGUERA MALLORCA reports the cancellation of the edition of the event that was planned for the 17th of October, 2020. A decision that has been made after analysing all circumstances and seeing the impossibility of being able to carry out this important event whilst maintaining the quality standards that have been offered until now.

CHALLENGE-PEGUERA MALLORCA was chosen in 2019 as the best race in the world within the CHALLENGEFAMILY circuit. In addition to the destination, two of the main reasons for this choice were: the extensive offer of amenities for athletes and their families, and a rich programme of parallel activities for all those who come to the destination.

Mallorca, like the rest of the world, is suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, at the moment, thanks to the efforts of the whole of society, we are managing to slow down its progress, by means of the implementation of the necessary measures and restrictions, some of them related to the organisation of mass events, etc.

From the organisation of Challenge Peguera Mallorca we understand that given the current situation we should not go ahead with the event in 2020. The current restrictions imply the concept of a totally different event to the one offered. An event with restrictions in circuits, without spectators, without parallel activities, without a huge infrastructure, without ceremonies, etc., making it a very different product to the one the athletes have purchased.

It is a difficult decision, but also the most responsible and sincere with the participants, since the aim is that Mallorca continues to be a safe destination, and at the present time, mass events increase the risk of large crowds and therefore of infection.

However, Calvià Town Hall and the Calvià Foundation would like to remind you that Peguera, in particular, and the whole municipality, in general, continues to be a very appropriate and safe setting for holding training camps, as well as offering first class sporting activities.


The organisation would like to show their appreciation for the trust of those who had planned to take part in Challenge Peguera Mallorca 2020, understanding the disappointment caused by the cancellation, given the effort, sacrifice and time that the preparation of the event involves and also the excitement of seeing it through.

As can only be expected, your registration is guaranteed, which is why the options that best suit the needs of each athlete are offered:

1.- 100% refund of the registration fee.

2.- Transfer of the registration fee to the 2021 edition including a FREE CANCELLATION INSURANCE valid until July 1st, 2021.

A personal email has been sent to the participants, from the organisation, with all the details for requesting the most convenient option.

Challenge Peguera Mallorca is working from today onwards to be able to count on all the people committed to this edition so that the next triathlon, which will be held on 16th October 2021, will be the best edition held so far.

CHALLENGEFAMILY supports the decision

Jort Vlam, CHALLENGEFAMILY’s CEO adds “Of course, we are disappointed to have to cancel another event in our series, but unfortunately it is the only right choice. We’re happy that for this race the team is able to offer very fair cancelation options, while we know they are also suffering and are impacted by the situation a lot.”


The event is organised by Calvia Town Hall (Ajuntament de Calvià) in collaboration with the Calvia Foundation (Fundación Calvià) and the Hotel Association of Peguera and Cala Fornells (Asociación hotelera de Peguera y Cala Fornells). It is sponsored by the Council of Mallorca (Consell de Mallorca), through the Insular Management of Tourism and Sport (Direcció Insular de Turisme i Esports) .

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