Leading triathlon tour company, Tri Travel is the official travel partner for Challenge Family races around the world. Tri Travel can provide quality and convenient travel support for athletes who are keen to experience any of the Challenge Family’s events. Tri Travel provides athletes and their families the most positive race experience possible, from the minute they leave home to when they return and everything in between. Tri Travel has a long-standing partnership with DATEV Challenge Roth but will also now offer travel services to other events that are part of the Challenge Family. In addition to full-service tours, which include travel, accommodation, bike transfers, event entry, course familiarisation and a partner programme for family and friends, Tri Travel will also provide travel support to athletes wanting to travel to any of Challenge Family’s 30+ events using their global network of travel professionals.

For further information on Challenge Family Tours with Tri Travel to Challenge Peguera Mallorca, visit:

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