Junior Challenge Mallorca run

Junior Challenge Mallorca rennen

Der Junior Challenge Mallorca Lauf ist für Kinder von 0 bis 13 Jahren gedacht. Die Veranstaltung ist Teil des Rahmenprogramms des Challenge Peguera Mallorca Triathlons. Die ersten 250 Teilnehmer, die sich anmelden, erhalten eine kostenlose Mütze.

Start: 13. Oktober 2023 (Freitag)

Uhrzeit: 17.30 Uhr

Ort: Torà-Platz, Ziellinie

Einschreibegebühr: 1 € (Der gesamte Erlös aus den Einschreibegebühren für diesen Lauf wird an eine lokale Organisation gespendet, die Projekte zur Entwicklung der Gemeinde durchführt.)

Kategorien (Jungen und Mädchen)

13th of october (friday)

Altersgruppe Hubabstände
0-3 Jahre alt 100 m
3-4 Jahre alt 100 m
5-6 Jahre alt 300 m
7-8 Jahre alt 300 m
9-12 Jahre alt 600 m
+13 Jahre alt 800 m


13th of october (friday)

COLLECTING BIB NUMBERS CHMALLORCA expo  (finish line) From 4 to 5.30 pm
WARM UP (all together) CHMALLORCA finish line, 5 pm
RACE START CHMALLORCA finish line, 5.30 pm
RACE FINISH CHMALLORCA finish line, 5.30 pm

Das Rennen beinhaltet:

  • Provisionierung station
  • Geschenk für die Teilnehmer
  • Nicht wettbewerbsfähig


-1.- Junior Challenge Mallorca run Registration takes place via online registration on the internet.

-2.- The right to a starting place is only in effect after the confirmation of the registration.

-3.- Participation is an exclusively personal right and each participant must pick up their starting materials in person and be in possession of a valid starting pass, which must be presented in conjunction with an ID card/passport at the distribution office or at other control spots of the organization.

-4.- Exchanging of starting places is not possible. The organizer reserves the right to reject entries for reasons important to them or to issue a suspension respectively.

The organizer also has the right to any time disqualify athletes for reasons important to them in agreement with the competition jury. Participants that have been disqualified for obvious fraud will get no starting permission for the following two years.

Exchanging of entries is not possible.

Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement

The organizer has no liability for damages against participants, should the organizer be entitled to – because of forces majeures – or be obliged to- by authority directives or for safety reasons – to make modifications in the realization of the event or to cancel it. Entry fees are not refunded.

The organizers are not liable for health risks of the participants pertaining to the event. The organizers assume no liability for objects stored free of charge

Junior Challenge finish line

kid's race Challenge Mallorca triathlon

Junior race triathlon Mallorca

Event organized by Fundación Calvià 2004 and Ajuntament de Calvià.

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