Fire and demons are the main protagonists of many of the more established festivals of Mallorcan folklore. In many Majorcan towns, their presence defines the culture.

If two primitive symbols exist in Mallorcan culture, these two symbols are fire and the devil. Their significance has been nourished by the Christian and agricultural roots of the island society of yesterday and of today; both elements come together during the most important holidays. Saint Anthony and Saint Sebastian are two of the most repre- sentative festivals of this union.

It would be remiss to not also mention the “Correfocs”, spectacles which combine the magic of fireworks, demons, the beating of drums and, of course, fire. Many towns around the island enliven their festivals with performances by numerous “colles de dimonis” (demon troupes). You can enjoy the colour and the most characteristic sounds of Mallorcan culture.


When: Thursday 17th October, 20 h
Where: Peguera (Mallorca)


When: Saturday 19th October, 20 h
Where: Peguera Mallorca

Dimonis and Nit de Foc Challenge Peguera mALLORCA

fire and demons in Challenge Peguera Mallorca

Demons in Mallorca . Challenge Peguera Mallorca

CORREFOC (NIT DE FOC): (Security measures for viewers and people participanting)

To the spectators and the participants

• Inform yourself well on the correfoc route and follow the recommendations of the organisers and the public
order services so that your time in the correfoc is a real party.

• To participate in a correfoc you should wear cotton clothing, with sleeves, long trousers, a cotton hat and leather sports shoes that hold your feet properly. Avoid participating actively in the correfoc if you wear synthetic-fiber clothing as, in case of an unfortunate event, this fabric will easily catch fire and you may get burnt.

• If, for any reason, your clothing catches on fire, lay yourself on the ground and roll to put out the flames. Above all, do not run, as flames will spread and things could get worse.

• Wait for the correfoc along wide streets and avoid crowds as far as possible.

• Do not invade the space where the fire group is performing and don’t hinder or get hold of any of its members.

• Fire cannot be lit and smoking is not allowed close to bags, pyrotechnic material or the equipment carriers
used by these groups.

• People participating should maintain an adequate and safe distance to be safe from sparks and detonations of
pyrotechnic products.

• Public who wants to participate actively in the correfoc must follow the safety rules: – Wear fireproof clothing and footwear, and in no case synthetic fiber clothing, wear a hat or scarf to cover your head, wear sport shoes
or hard footwear, and never sandals or flip-flops. – Always jump forward and never backward, individually or in
very small groups, never getting in between the drums and/or the peformers, and do not hinder any member of
the groups.

• Follow the instructions of the public order services at all times. In all cases and also in the event of an accident,
failure to comply with these safety measures and recommendations pertaining to fire peformances will be the responsibility of every individual.

• The public order service has the right to expel from the correfoc those people who do not wear appropiate
clothing for the performance and who do not behave properly and/or according to the rules.

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